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User Guide

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How to start a transaction at

(1)Sign up with your email address and activate your account.

(2)Fill the form to start your transaction.

(3)Check the transaction details and confirm.

How to top up the balance and
defray the payment?

Via Paypal only accepts Paypal payments under $1,000.00 and a 5% fee is charged by Paypal.

For example, if you send $1000.00, would receive $950.00 at last.
Via wire transfer If your payment is over $950, please send the funds by wire transfer. Remember to send the receipt of the wire transfer to us through email after you send the funds. We will top-up your balance after we receive your wire transfer.

How to transfer the
domain names?


The seller submits the PUSH request at the registrar. The domain name
would be transferred to the buyer’s account immediately.

· Auth Code Transfer

The seller requests for the Auth Code at the registrar and submits the
code at The buyer shall initiate the transfer at the gaining registrar.

When to confirm that
the transaction is closed?

· If buyer confirms that the domain name is in his/her registrar account, please confirm the transaction at and then the seller can withdraw the funds.

How to withdraw
the funds?

· When you confirms that your withdrawal account and currency type is filled in correctly, you can start to Request Withdrawal.

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