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Terms of Use

Term of Use

Before using the service provided, please carefully read and obey the Term of Use (hereinafterreferred as this Term). Please confirm that you have fully understood thecontents of the terms, especially the exclusion clauses and limitation clauses,disputation resolution and the governing law clauses. Please pay specialattention to the bold words in theexclusion clauses and limitation clauses. Ifyou have any questions concerning this Term, please contact customer serviceteam.

By filling out the register information onthe register page, reading and agreeing to this Term and fulfilling the registerprocess, or by filling out the activation information, reading and agreeing tothis Term and fulfilling the activation process, or by accessing servicethrough other allowed methods and actually using the service of, youaffirm that you have fully understood and accepted the content of this Term,and agreed with on the Term of Use. You affirm that you will not claimthis Term invalid or request the revocation of this Term for the reason thatyou have not read the contents of this Term or have not received the responseto your inquiry from

I. The Scope of the Term

1. This Term is concluded between the userand’s Operator, and is legally binding.’s Operator is the legally recognizedentity responsible for website. The domain name is For theinformation of’s Operator, please check the company information and certificatesat the bottom of the Homepage.

2. All the services provided by DN.combased on the internet and mobile internet, including the services provided affiliated companies, hereto shall, except as otherwise specifiedherein, be bound by this Term. If you do not agree to the terms stated in this Term,please immediately cease the register/activation process and cease proceedingwith the services of

3. This Term includes the agreement bodytexts, the legal Term, the Rules of along with the other terms, noticesand agreements (hereinafter referred as terms or the terms ) that havebeen published now and will be released by in the future. All the termsare inseparable parts of this Term with equal legal affects.

4. preserves the right to formulate andmodify this Term and terms from now and then according to the business needs.The updated and modified terms will be published on the website announcementwithout further notice. The updated and modified terms will take effect oncepublished or automatically take effect since the date indicated in theannouncement. By proceeding with the service thereafter, you affirm thatyou have read, understood and agreed to the modified terms and terms. If yourefuse to accept the modifications, you shall immediately stop proceeding withthe service at

II. Register and Account

1. Eligible Users

You affirm that as fulfilling the registerprocess or accessing service through any allowed methods, you are anatural person, an entity or other organization with full capacity for civilacts and full civil rights. If you do not conform to the requirements, you andyour guardian shall be assumed to the consequences of your action. DN.compreserves the rights to deregister or freeze your account permanently and claimcompensation from you and your guardian.

2. Register andAccount

a) By By filling out the registerinformation on the register page, reading and agreeing to this Term andfulfilling the register process, or by filling out the activation information,reading and agreeing to this Term and fulfilling the activation process, or byaccessing service through other allowed methods and actually using theservice of, you affirm that you agree to be bound by the Term. You canuse the email address you provided, the cell phone number or other allowedmethods to login at

b) You can set username for your account.Your username cannot infringe the legal rights of others. If your DN.comusername is suspected to infringe the legal rights of others, holds theright to terminate the service and deregister your username. Thederegistered DN.con username will be open for register to other users.

c) Your login account name, username and passwordcannot be resold, transferred, bestowed or inherited, except as otherwisespecified in the relevant law or adjudication and confirmation from Youwill need to submit the required documents and process the procedures accordingto the terms of

3. UserInformation

a) In the register and activationprocedure, you need to submit the required documents in the corresponding pagesaccording to the legal regulation, and update the information timely in orderto ensure the authenticity, timeliness, integrity and accuracy of theinformation. If has the reasonable ground to suspect the authenticity,timeliness, integrity and accuracy of your information, holds the rightto make inquiries, have the information corrected, directly delete thecorresponding documents and even suspend or terminate the partly or fully of theservice provided by is not assumed to any responsibility to yourloss in this case. You will bear all the consequences for using unqualifiedinformation.

b) You shall accurately fulfill and updatetimely the information of the email address, contact phone number, post addressand post code, in order to facilitate and other users to contact you. Ifyou suffered any loss or extra costs due to the invalidity of the communicationinformation, you will have to be assumed to all the consequences by yourselfalone. Hereby you understand and agree that you are obliged to ensure theauthenticity and validity of your contact information. If any modification orupdate shall be applied, please operate according to the instruction of

5. AccountSecurity

You are responsible for the confidentialityof your password and login name at, and are responsible for all the activitiesoccur under your account (including but not limited to release and publish ofinformation, agree and submit the terms and terms online, and sign contracts orsubscript services.) Hereby you agree to (a) notice at once when youfirst find someone else use your username and password withoutauthorization or any other situations that violate the Term of Use; (b) affirmthat you leave the website/service with the correct steps when finishingvisiting of will not be assumed to any responsibility to yourloss resulted from the breach of this Term. You shall understand that DN.comneeds a reasonable time to take action against the improper actions and is notassumed to any responsibility for the consequences of improper actions(including, but not limited to, any loss of users) before taking actions.

III. Service

1. Through the service provided by DN.comand its affiliated companies, users may trade domain names, participate inother activities held by and use other informational and technicalservice. The content of service shall be subject to the service provided

2. When disputations arise between you andother users in the transaction(s) at, once you or the other party of thetransaction unilaterally or bilaterally submit the request that shallintervene in the transaction, will handle the disputation based on theunilateral judgment as an independent third party. You shall understand andaccept the judgment and decision of

3. You shall understand and agree has the rights to provide the personal information and transactionrecords to the governing department (including the judicial department and theadministration department) according to their requests. If you are suspected toinfringe the intellectual properties and other legal rights of other people, has the rights to provide your information to theobligee when theinfringement is preliminarily believed to exist.

4. The duties and taxes generated in usingthe services at, as well as the fee generated in the hardware, softwareand other aspects shall be borne by you alone.

IV. Service Specification

1. You agree to obey the belowspecifications when using the service at

a) Your behavior shall all abide by thenational law, regulation and the terms and requirements of You will notviolate the social interests or the public morality, will not infringe thelegal rights of others and will not evade taxes.

b) During the transaction with other usersat, you will abide by the principles of good faith and will not adoptunethical behavior in competition, will not disturb the normal order of onlinetrading and will not engage in the affairs unrelated with online trading.

c) You will not publish the information ofcommodities or services that are prohibited by the state (unless you haveacquired adequate and legitimate admission), will not publish the informationof commodities and service that will infringe the intellectual property rightsor other legal rights of other people, will not publish the information ofcommodities and service that will violate the social interests and publicmorality or that are not appropriate to be published at, and will notpublish the information that will be suspected to infringe the law or otherterms in this Term.

d) You will not improperly evaluate otherusers by fabricating or distorting the facts, will not improve your own creditthrough improper methods, and will not take improper actions to increase (ordecrease) the credit of other user's.

e) To your breach of this Term, or youractions at, including those you have not imposed at but alreadyhave exerted an affect at, has the rights to unilaterallydetermine whether the action has violated this Term, and process or terminatethe service according to the unilateral decision of without extra noticeor your agreement. You shall keep the evidence of your actions and be assumedto the consequences of inadequate evidence.

f) If you are suspected to violate therelative law or the terms in this Term and cause the loss for, or suffer the claim of compensation from a third party, or the penalty fromthe administration department, you shall compensate for the loss and/orthe corresponding expenses, including reasonable attorney fees.

V. Special Authorization

You fully understand and irrevocablyauthorize the below rights to and its affiliated companies:

1. You fully understand and irrevocablyauthorize or the third party accredited by, or by you and DN.comtogether to process your transactions and possible disputations at DN.comaccording to this Term and the terms of You agree to accept the judgmentand decisions made by the or the third party accredited by or byyou and together, which would be legally binding on you.

2. Once you make the commitment of anyforms to, and and the relevant units affirm that you haveviolated the commitment, holds the rights to adopt restriction measureson your account according to your commitment or the terms in the terms. Therestriction measures include suspending or terminating the services and noticethe relevant units to confirm your breach of the contract.

3. Once you violate this Term or sign othercontracts with, holds the rights to notice other affiliatedcompanies to set restrictions on your benefits.

4. For the information and data yousubmitted at, you accredit to have the exclusively permanent,global and free usage right (and the right to re-accredit the right). Besides, has the right to use, copy, edit, revise, publish, translate,distribute, execute and display all your information and data in whole or inpart (the information and data include but not limited to register information,transaction data and all the information presented at, or makederivates, and present these information and data in the future works in allforms.

5. In order to facilitate your use of theservice at (hereinafter referred as other services), you accredit DN.comto transmit the register/activation information and the data generated in service process to other websites or organizations that provides yourelative service; or to retrieve the information from other websites ororganizations your register/activation information or data generated in usingother services. You will not prosecute the responsibility of

VI. The Scope of Responsibility and the Limitation ofLiability

1. is responsible to the present andattainable status. But does not indicate or imply any guarantee of theservice, including but not limited to the applicability, errors or omissions, sustainability,accuracy, reliability and adoption to peculiar usage. Meanwhile does notmake any promise or guarantee to the relevant validity, accuracy, authenticity,liability, quality, stability, completion and timeliness of the information andtechnology.

2. You understand that the informationpublished on platform of by the other users might contain risks andfaults. only provides the venue of the transactions. acts only asthe platform on which you acquire the information of commodities and services,look for the object of transaction, and discuss about the commodities and /orthe service. Thus, cannot preside for the quality, security and the legitimacyof the commodities involved in the transactions and the capacity of the partiesto perform the obligations specified in the contracts. You shall discreetlyjudge and determine the authenticity, the legitimacy and the validity of therelevant commodities and /or services. And you shall be assumed to all theresponsibilities and losses associated with the situation.

3. Except specifically prescribed in therelevant law or corresponding to the circumstances below, is notobligated to investigate the user information, commodities and serviceinformation, the action of transactions and other relevant matters in advance.

a) reasonably deems that there areserious violations of law or breach of contract.

b) reasonably deems that there areaction of the user that is suspected of illegal or improper.

4. has the rights to process thedisputation in the transactions between you and other users according to this Term,to unilaterally determine the relevant facts and applicable rules and thendetermine the resolution, which includes but is not limited to modifying thestatus of the transaction and ordering to defray the whole or partial paymentto one or both of the parties. The resolution decision is legally binding onyou. If you do not perform the resolution decision within the time limit, has the right (but is not obligated) to use the balance in your accountor the deposit you paid to and the affiliated companies to defray thepayment on your behalf. You shall replenish your deposit and offset the loss and the affiliated companies. Otherwise and the affiliatedcompanies have the right to offset the loss with your other benefits underother contracts, and hold the rights to pursue recovery of the loss.

You understand and agree that canonly conduct the verification of the evidence as ordinary people. Theresolution makes is based on your irrevocable authorization. doesnot guarantee that the resolution will conform to your expectation, and is notassumed to any responsibility to the consequences of the resolution. If youconsequently suffer any loss, please claim rights from the beneficiary byyourself.

5. You understand and agree that isnot assumed to any responsibility to your losses and damages the circumstanceslisted below, including but not limited to the compensation of losses anddamages in the profit, business reputation, utility and data, or otherintangible losses (regardless of whether is noticed of the possiblecompensationofthe loss or damage).

a) Using or not using the service;

b) The third party uses your account oredits your account data without authorization;

c) The expenses or costs caused bypurchasing or acquiring any services, commodities, samples, data andinformation, or making transactions or taking any substitute actions at;

d) Your misunderstanding of service;

e) Any other losses and damages associatedwith not caused by

6. Whatever the circumstances, isnot assumed to the incapacity of service or the delay in service caused byregular maintenance of network equipments, the disorders in the connection ofnetwork, the disorders of computers, network and other systems, the fault ofpower; strikes and labor disputations, riots, insurgents, the lack ofproductive force or materials; fires, floods, storms, explosions, wars,government acts, the orders from judicial institutions or the inaction of the thirdparty.

VII. The Termination of the Term

1. You agree that has the right tosuspend, terminate in whole or in part the service for any reason withoutspecific notice, and freeze temporarily or permanently (deregister) youraccount at will not take any responsibility for you or any otherthird party for this.

2. In the following circumstances, DN.comholds the rights to deregister your account to terminate this Term andpermanently freeze (deregister) all the rights of your account at andretrieve the username of the corresponding account.

a) You register at directly orindirectly in the name of others after has terminated the service toyou.

b) The email address you provide does notexist or is not able to receive emails, and no other valid contact informationis available, or no effective action has been taken 3 working days after DN.comhas contacted you to revise your email information through other contactmethods.

c) The user information you provided is notauthentic, accurate, current or complete.

d) You indicate and notice that youdo not accept the new service terms after the Term (the terms) is modified orchanged.

e) Other circumstances in which DN.comperceives the services shall be terminated.

3. After your service is terminated or youraccount is permanently frozen (deregistered), is not obligated to keepor release the information of your account, or forward the unread informationto you or any other third party.

4. You agree that after the termination ofthe contract, still holds the right listed as below:

a) Keep your user information and thetransaction information generated during service.

b) Claim rights from you according to this Termif you violated the law or the terms and/or the terms during using

5. After suspends or terminates theservice to you, your action in the transaction before the service is suspendedor terminated shall be processed by the principles below. You shall aloneaddress the violation issue and bear the consequence of the disputations, lossor extra cost caused by the violation and ensure that is exclusive fromthe loss or additional cost.

a) For the commodities or service youupload at before the suspension or termination, or the commodities orservice that has not been traded, holds the rights to delete thecommodities or service and the relevant information at when thesuspension or the termination take effects.

b) In the circumstance when you havecontracted an agreement with other users at, but the contract has notbeen performed, holds the right to delete the contract and the relevantinformation of the commodities and service.

c) In the circumstance when you havereached a contract with other users at and partially completed theagreement, will reserve the transaction, but holds the rights tonotice the relevant party about the circumstance of service suspension ortermination.

VIII.Protectionof user privacy

User privacy information refers to thepersonally identifiable information collected by in account collects the following information: user name, phone number, e-mail addressinformation and website automatically receives and records users information onthe browser and the server logs (including User Login seat of IP addresses,online, wireless information, etc.), rather than non-personal privacyinformation, which refers to the personal privacy information other than thestatus and habits of the users when operating the software that can beobviously reflected and automatically recorded at the terminal server collects the above information forthe use of providing web services to improve web content, meeting eventinformation, or using in accordance with statutory and regulatory requirements.

Protecting your privacy and the personalinformation you provide us is a top priority at Thus, will notdisclose, edit or reveal your registration information and other informationstored in non-public services without your content, unless findsin good faith that the information disclosed in the following conditionsnecessary:

1. To comply with the law and theinspection of the relevant state authorities, could provide informationof the contents published on the users web page andrelease the time, the Internet address or domain name.

2. To maintain the intellectual propertyrights and other important rights of

3. To secure personal privacy and thesecurity of public in the case of urgent.

4. According to the terms of the relevantprovisions or under other circumstances when thinks necessary.

5. Users understand and agree that DN.comkeeps the right to use the users information for free in the following situation:

a) to perform software verificationservices.

b) to perform a software upgrade service.

c) to perform network synchronizationservice.

d) to improve the users securityand provide customer support.

6. The password protects the account andensures the user privacy and information security. In some cases, willuse a standard security system to ensure the security of data transmission.

IX. TheGoverning Law, Law Application and Others

1. The validity, interpretation,modification and implementation of this agreement and disputation settlementare governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China in the mainland. Ifno relevant laws or regulations are applied, refer to the general internationalcommercial practices and / or custom of the trade.

2. This Term includes the general rules youshall obey in all the platforms. In using a specific platform,you will need to obey the specific rules applied in the specific platform(please see the terms and agreement you sign with the specific platform). Inthe circumstance where the specific rules conflict with the general rules, thespecific rules have priority.

3. As in the disputations of this Term, thespecific object of disputation shall be determined based on the platform youare using for the service, the disputations arising in your transaction shallbe resolved by you and the operator of Once the disputation arises, youagree with to appoint the court in the defendant's domicile as the Courtof First Instance.

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